The Political Science curriculum provides you with broad understanding of political systems and the policy-making process and prepares you for careers in law, government service, teaching, business and journalism.

To accomplish these objectives, the Department of Political Science offers programs of study that will introduce you to the discipline and methods of political science: American politics, political philosophy, international relations, comparative politics, public administration and public policy.

Degree Offered




The Political Science faculty members have earned doctorates in specializations within the areas of the discipline. The faculty's expertise is complemented by active involvement in scholarly research.

Career Opportunities


Lamar University graduates who earn law degrees have distinguished themselves as judges, legislators, district attorneys and in other public service areas, as well as in the private practice of law.

Government Serice

The federal, state and local governments recruit political science majors for positions as administrative, budgetary and personnel assistants, program analysts; and as civilian employees in the military forces.

Graduate Professional Careers

Many political science majors pursue the Master of Public Administration degree at Lamar and establish professional careers in federal, state or local government agencies. Others earn master's and doctoral degrees in political science and teach in colleges and universities.

Department of Political Science Mission Statement:

The Political Science Department provides all university students with knowledge and appreciation of national and state political processes, equips undergraduate and graduate majors with a wide knowledge of the various areas of the discipline and methods of critical analysis and effective communication to prepare them for appropriate professional, educational, and occupational opportunities, and engages in research, professional activities, and community service.