Vision Statement

What do we do?

All children ask why. Why is the grass green, why is the sky blue, and why do stars twinkle in the night sky? To be inquisitive is the very nature of our species. Physics is the most fundamental of the sciences in that we aspire to retain that admirable childlike curiosity of posing the whys and the wherefores of nature. All science derives from understanding the underlying physical principles of nature. Physics studies the structure of matter that surrounds us, from the infinitesimally small in the subatomic realm to the infinite vastness of the cosmos. We study how matter and energy emerge and evolve over space and time.

How we do it?

The Physics department aligns well with our college’s guiding principle that the success of every major academic enterprise depends greatly upon the quality of its faculty; all our faculty (tenured, tenure-track and instructors) hold Ph.D. degrees from recognized universities.

Whom do we do it for?

Through the triad of teaching, undergraduate research and department, university and professional service, we are dedicated to providing quality education for student success. The Physics department continues its dedication to the Lamar University Mission. We engage and empower our students through providing highquality interactive educational experience based on current pedagogical best practices as well as by having individualized one-on-one instruction in our peer-instruction tutoring center and we maintain and support a vibrant and nationally recognized Society of Physics Students. We further embrace undergraduate research opportunities for our majors through extramural funding, internal grants and the Office of Undergraduate Research.

What values are we bringing?

Our department commits to promote a deeper sense of belonging for all groups. We have no patience nor tolerance for identity-based exclusion. Equity and inclusion are shared departmental values. Recognizing that all of us deserve to learn the ways of nature, the Lamar University Physics department is committed to creating an environment where all students, particularly those who have been marginalized, can thrive. We therefore offer opportunities to all students. The Physics faculty strive to lead by example of what it means to be a professional physicist. The department will continue to offer strong academic support driven by our professionalism in teaching physics, our approachability in student advising and support and our flexibility in mentoring students, through effective teaching methods. In this way, we seek to increase retention and enhance performance for all students regardless of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and/or gender. We embrace the guiding principles of the American Institute of Physics TEAM-UP Project in promoting the pillars of physics identity, sense of belonging and academic and personal support through active and caring faculty and student engagement. The chair of our department commits to student inclusion and diversity of our program. We are a team of scholars and we shall all work together for the betterment of all people at Lamar University.