Registration and Abstract Submission

To submit an abstract click here.

For submitting an abstract you need to follow the APS instructions.

To register and pay online please click here.

Sorting categories

To Register by mail or FAX (FAX will be by credit card only), print and fill out this APS form to be sent. Please send the form by mail or FAX (using the information on the form) by Friday, March 18, 2016.  

Registration notes:
The APS system autodetects membership type for all applicants, so one will not see other rates when applying. Therefore, only the fees that apply to the registration type can be seen. In other words if you are listed as an APS member you will see that pricing only and not as student, teachers or other fees.

Undergrad students will need to join the APS to obtain the rate listed on the APS form.
There is a one-year first time free membership for all undergraduate and graduate students. See the link to the APS Student Membership page for more information.

After March 18, 2016, registration will be on-site only.

Faculty/Staff/Postdocs:     $65; after March 18: $75
Graduate Students:          $25; after March 18: $30
Undergraduate Students: $20; after March 18: $20
High School Teacher:        $25; after March 18: $30
High School Student:        $15; after March 18: $15

The Banquet is scheduled for April 1, 2016 (Friday) evening at 6:30--9:00 pm on the 8th floor of the John Gray Library. For more information see the Banquet page of this website.  A lunch and banquet combo ticket can be purchased.  Both lunch and banquet will be buffet style.

On April 2, 2016 a lunch box for $9.00 can be purchased.

The secondary items like breakfast, lunch etc. can only be seen after you pick a registration type. You cannot sign up for these sub-items without a registration.