Special Events

Recap of the Kip Thorne Talk

The night of Oct. 16, 2018, at the University Theater was a spectacular event with guest speaker Dr. Kip S. Thorne to a crowded theater. An additional room was sent up to accommodate the large crowds who viewed Dr. Thorne's presentation via live video feed. 

Provided is a set of images taken of Dr. Thorne and his presentation.

Pictures from Dr. Thorne's Presentation

Acknowledgment and Credit: Frank Q Sun 

We thank Mr. Sun for providing the wonderful set of images taken during the lecture.

Kip Thorne – Oct. 16, 2018


An artistic pencil sketch of Dr, Kip Thorne in Black and White shades.

Q2C - Rainer Weiss Lecture (2017 Nobel Prize Winner)

This is a public lecture sponsored by the American Physical Society (APS) at the Q2C (Quarks to Cosmos) conference at Columbus, Ohio, during the period: April 14-17, 2018.

This presentation was performed by Dr. Wiess on the first Day: April 14, 2018. 


Public Lecture" Exploring the Universe with Gravitational Waves

Plenary Session III: Q2C Conference on April 17, 2018

This talk is a series of presentations by two speakers: Joint Winners with Dr. Throne of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics (note: Start the Video at 00:34:50)

LIGO and Gravitational Waves I 

Rainer Weiss, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

LIGO and Gravitational Waves II 
Barry Barish, California Institute of Technology

Dr. Weiss and Dr. Barish share the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics with Dr. Thorne for there contributions to the development of the LIGO detector and detection of gravitational waves.

Timeline of the video: Dr. Weiss (34:50 - 1:10:48) and Dr. Barish (1:10:48)

Gravitational Waves 101 – What are Gravitational Waves and How to Detect them?

This is a video from National Geographic presenting information on the nature of gravitational waves and the technique developed to detect these waves. Physics evidence from the data acquired by LIGO allows theoretical physics to be brought into the realm of observational reality.

Explore the History & Science of LIGO – The Nature of Gravitational Waves

LIGO: A Passion for Understanding

This 20-minute documentary on the scientific dedication to those who for nearly 30 years in the design and development of this single scientific instrument to explore and discover the mysteries of gravitational waves. LIGO is set out with an objective to provide scientific evidence to one last piece to Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity.

LIGO: Generations

This single experiment was funded by a collaboration of the National Science Foundation and the University of Mississippi. Watch the 25-minute video documentary, in which generations of scientists through official channels of communications, sharing of hard work, published research and long periods of dedication made LIGO a reality.

The Journey of a Gravitational Wave!

Dr. David Reitze takes you on the journey of a set of gravitational waves moving through the universe as ripples in spacetime from the collision of two black holes that merged in a very hostile event that began 1.3 billion years ago. This a short three-minute video on the LIGO discovery from Sept. 14, 2015.

Physics Colloquia Event Related to LIGO

For more information: Physics Colloquia at Lamar