Optics and Photonics Laboratory

The diffraction of light on the corner edges of a series of dielectric prisms.

The diffraction of light on the corner of a dielectric prism

Archer Building Room 116

The Optics and Photonics Laboratory provides research opportunities and advanced course instruction at both graduate and undergraduate levels in the field of Electromagnetics and Photonics with modern optical equipment, including light detectors in IR, visible and UV ranges, light sources, such as lasers, discharge tubes, and lamps. We offer tabletop setups for running experimental studies about the propagation of light through materials, fiber optics, imaging, and the interaction between light and matter.

The Main Areas of Study include:

  • The interaction between Light and Dielectric Surfaces.
  • Studies of Dispersive Curves for Optical Materials using the Brewster Angle and Minimum Deviation Methods.
  • Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy.
  • Photo-emission and Photo-detection.
  • Studies of the Pressure Broadening of Emission Lines.
  • Photoelectric and Photovoltaic Effects.
  • Imaging – Fourier Optics.
  • Laser Physics.
  • Physics of Noble Gases, Including Formation of Excimers