Dr. Cengiz Sen

Dr. Cengiz Sen 

General Information

  • Position: Adjunct Instructor
  • E-mail: csen@lamar.edu
  • Phone: 409-880-7876
  • Office: Archer 208-A


  • Ph.D. Florida State University
  • M.Sc. Bilkent University
  • B.Sc. Middle East Technical University

Research Interests

  • Strongly Correlated Electron Systems
    • Investigation of spin, charge, and orbital ordering in strongly correlated electron systems, including manganese oxides, iron-pnictides, and multiferroic manganites
      • The physics of colossal magnetoresistive manganites and the nature of competing states
      • Orgin of multiferroicity in the E-type magnetic ordering of manganites
      • Simulations of multi-orbital models of high-Tc iron-pnictide compounds.
  • Novel Monte Carlo Algorithms and Many-Body Techniques
    • Development, testing and applications of novel Monte Carlo algorithms and Many-Body Methods in condensed matter systems
      • Truncated poynomial expansion Monte Carlo algorithm and its application to iron-pnictides
      • Diagrammatic multi-scale many-body techniques and applications to Hubbard-like models

Areas of Teaching

  • PHSC 111 Physical Science (Clarion University
  • PHYS 1370 Mathematical Methods in Physics
  • PHYS 2426 University Physics II Laboratory

Selected Publications

S. Liang, G. Alvarez, C. Sen, A. Moeo, E. Dagotto, "Transport Anisotropy of the Pnictides Studied via Monte Carlo Simulations of the Spin-Fermion Model". Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 047001 (2012).

C. Sen, S. Liang, E. Dagotto, "Complex State Found in the Colossal Magnetoresistance Regime of Models for Manganites". Phys. Rev. B 85, 174418 (2012).

C. Sen, G. Alvarez, E. Dagotto, "First Order Colossal Magnetoresistance Transitions in the Two-Orbital Model for Manganites". Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 097203 (2010).