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This is the official archives page for the physics department at Lamar University. On this page, images and documents on special events ranging from SPS Lamar Chapter, Colloquia speakers, presentations through the Academic Lecture Series by the University, etc. are located here. 

Dr. Kip S Thorne Lecture

This is the official image gallery from the special student and faculty reception in honor of Dr. Kip S Thorne. Attendees at the reception were students, staff and faculty, representing every part of the campus life from all of the departments and colleges that make up LU. The event was located at Dishman Art Museum prior to the lecture. All of the students in these images are members of the SPS (Society of Physics Students) Lamar Chapter.
Kip Thorne Reception One
Kip Thorne Reception Two

Image Gallery - Special Gathering of Lamar Students, Staff, and Faculty

This is the official image gallery for photos acquired during the Oct. 2018 special Questions and Answers session with university students, staff and faculty at the Landes Auditorium, located in the Galloway Business Building on campus.
Special QA Session Image Two
Special QA Session Image Three
Special QA Session Image One
Special QA Session Image Four

Image Gallery - Special Gathering of Lamar Students, Staff, and Faculty

A special collection of images acquired during the main presentation on the night of Oct. 2018 with Dr. Kip S Thorne as the official guest of LU for the Academic Lecture Series.

The title of his presentation - "Interstellar: The Science behind the Movie."

Kip Thorne Presentation Four
Kip Thorne Presentation Five
Kip Thorne Presentation Six
Kip Thorne Presentation Seven
Kip Thorne Presentation Eight
Kip Thorne Presentation Nine
Kip Thorne Presentation Ten
Kip Thorne Presentation Eleven
Kip Thorne Presentation Twelve
Kip Thorne Presentation Thirteen
Kip Thorne Presentation Fourteen

Learn more about Dr. Kip S Thorne and the Science behind his presentation.

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