Planning your academic program is about developing and maintaining a program of study that will accomplish your degree goals.


MSN Advisor: 409-880-7014, luap-msn@lamar.edu
At Lamar University, students need to review their degree plans with their assigned advisor each semester prior to registration. After contact has been made and the advising is completed, the “Advising Hold”, will be lifted temporarily so that students may register for classes online. Students may have other types of holds which interfere with online registration. The advisor can provide you with contact information for the department that has placed these other types of holds on your account, such as financial aid, admission holds, etc.
Planning and seeking advising is the responsibility of the student. The overall structure of your program of study will be defined by the following degree requirements: overall credit, core courses, track classes, and an elective course.
Advising for the Graduate Nursing Program includes either an email session or a telephone session with your designated advisor.
Through your advising appointment you will develop a plan for the courses you need to register in for the current session and which courses to plan on taking in the next session. Courses at Lamar University are on a semester last 8 weeks or 15 weeks. Refer to the Academic Partnership calendar for dates that are important. You will need to refer to the Fall, Spring, or Summer Schedule for the current semester in which you are registering. When you speak to your advisor, please request an updated degree plan. Degree plans are kept electronically by the graduate office and are revised as needed with the student’s input.
Transfer Information - With the approval of the chair of the major department and the graduate dean, a student may transfer up to six semester hours of graduate work completed at another institution, and these transferred credits may be applied toward a graduate degree at Lamar University. Only courses with grades of "A", "B" or "S" (satisfactory) that were accepted as graduate credit at the institution where the work was taken may be considered for graduate transfer. Transfer courses must not be more than six years old. Transferred credits are not considered in the computation of the graduate grade-point average at Lamar University.
Note: Nursing course syllabi must be reviewed by the Graduate Nursing committee prior to accepting any courses for transfer credit. Courses are reviewed for equivalency.

Degree Components- Planning an academic program that helps you accomplish your learning goals and outcomes is an important asset for your future. Review the credit hours needed for your degree.
Liability Insurance Required - All graduate students are required to purchase student professional liability insurance, through Bill Beatty Insurance. The insurance must be renewed on a yearly basis when the student is involved in any type of patient contact or practicum. This includes the practicum experiences in either track as well as the Evidence-based Projects. Graduate Assistants in the MSN program will be required to purchase student professional liability insurance during all semesters of the graduate program. A copy of the receipt must be submitted to the GNS office. The insurance will not cover students at work or at times other than practicum/clinical experiences. Further information will be given to students prior to entering the practicum and clinical courses.
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the Graduate Nursing Studies office at any time, (409) 880-7720.