MSN / MBA Dual Degree

Lamar University's Graduate Nursing Studies program has partnered with the university's distinguished Business Department to offer a new career opportunity for nurses.

Credit Hours

  • The dual degrees can be accomplished in 61 semester hours (approximately 3 years).
  • The MSN degree is 37 credit hours with 9 hours that count towards the MBA.

Other leveling courses required are met through additional graduate nursing courses leaving 21 credit hours to be taken in the Business Department.

msn-mba dual degree

Advanced knowledge from nursing administration, business, finance, and the managerial arena prepares a well-rounded nurse leader.

Applying and Advising

Interested in this dual degree?
  • You must apply online as an MSN student and then schedule a meeting with the MBA Program.
  • The MBA Program will verify that you meet admission standards and will then request to add your second major.

You must be advised by BOTH departments.

MSN-MBA Curriculum Plan