The DAISY Faculty Award

The DAISY Foundation, as part of its service to the nursing profession’s role in patient care, established the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing Faculty. Each Spring, the Joanne Gay Dishman School of Nursing and the DAISY Foundation publicly recognize an extraordinary nursing instructor nominated by students, faculty, and/or staff at our Annual Student Awards Banquet.  Prior to the banquet, students are invited to nominate a faculty member for the award.   All faculty members nominated for the award are invited to attend the Annual Student Awards Banquet. Recognition of the award is presented to the winner at the evening banquet.

The DAISY Faculty Award honorees personify Lamar University JoAnne Gay Dishman School of Nursing’s remarkable impact on students and therefore patients. These faculty members consistently demonstrate excellence through their clinical / teaching expertise and extraordinary compassionate care, and are recognized as outstanding role models in our nursing community.

The award is based on nominations submitted and is evaluated by a selection committee of the DAISY Award Committee of the Dishman School of Nursing. The nominations are reviewed using a double-blind system so that none of the reviewers are able to identify the person who wrote the nomination during the honoree selection process.

Previous DAISY Award winners:

Jennifer Thedford 2017 DAISY Faculty Honoree

Rose Harding 2017 DAISY Faculty Honoree

LeAnn Chisholm DAISY 2016

Gina Hale DAISY 2015

Jennifer Thedford
2017 Honoree

Rose Harding
2017 Honoree

Dr. LeAnn Chisholm
2016 Honoree
Dr. Gina Hale
2015 Honoree

Mrs. Cindy Pipkins, winner of the 2014 DAISY Faculty Award

Photo of Jennie Godkin

Photo of Nancy Blume

Photo of Rose Harding

Dr. Cindy Pipkins
2014 Honoree

Dr. Jennie Godkin
2013 Honoree

Dr. Nancy Blume
2012 Honoree

Mrs. Rose Harding
2011 Honoree


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