Professor W. Ted Mahavier

Ted Mahavier

W. Ted Mahavier
Professor of Mathematics
Office: Lucas 202
Phone Number: 409-880-2290
Email: ted dot mahavier at

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Courses Taught

Undergraduate: Analysis I and II, Calculus for Business and Life Sciences, Calculus I, II, and III, College Algebra, Differential Equations I and II, Discrete Mathematics, Numerical Methods, Operations Research, Pre-Calculus I and II, Remedial Mathematics, Topology, Trigonometry, Elementary Investigating, and Geometry.

Graduate: Differential Equations, Numerical Methods I and II, Ring Theory, Topology, Independent Studies in Inverse Limits and Functional Analysis


MathNerds (1996-2014)

Board Member and co-founder of MathNerds. is a non-profit corporation supporting two primary activities:

Question-and-Response Service: MathNerds provides free, discovery-based, mathematical guidance via an international, volunteer network of mathematicians. MathNerds does not supply answers to homework, take home tests and the likely rather, we provide hints, suggestions, and references to help our clients understand and solve their mathematical problems. More than 400 volunteers have responded to more than 200,000 questions via this service which responds to 97% of all questions received within 16 hours. 

MathNerds Mentoring Networks connect universities to school districts to create online learning communities where school district students submit mathematical questions to university students who respond using inquiry-based strategies. We set up these networks using technology developed at Lamar University and written by Dr. Kang and Dr. Dawkins. From the start of the project to date we have served: 3,099 school districts, 495 university future teachers, 300 in-service teachers, and 7 universities (LU, Texas State, James Madison, Austin Peay, Northern Colorado, Xavier University of Louisiana, and Boise State). Additionally, the project has resulted in 4 research papers published and 5 expository papers published on the project.


2007-Present: Co-founder and Managing Editor, Journal of Inquiry-Based Learning in Mathematics,

2014-2016: Interim-Coordinating Editor, Missouri Journal of Mathematical Sciences.

2004-2008: Associate Editor of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, Missouri Journal of Mathematical Sciences.

2004-2006: Associate Editor of Research, Texas College Mathematics Journal of the Mathematical Association of America.

Departmental Service

While all committee service is important, these leadership roles stand out:  (i) the complete revision of the mathematics core and degree plans in 2003 and 2014, (ii) the modernization of our graduate course inventory in 2006, (iii) the co-authoring of our successful defense of our MS program to the state in 2010, (iv) the development of a policy using both high school GPA and SAT/ACT scores to improve retention in our calculus and pre-calculus courses in 2011, (v) the development of the FastTrack BS/MS program.

2005 – Present      Chair of Advising Committee

2012 – 2014          As head of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, I oversaw rewriting all six degree plans to address the new core requirements and the decrease in the total number of allowed hours.   We also implemented Mathematics Readiness Scores to improve passing rates in Calculus and Pre-Calculus, and updated pre-requisites for courses.

2011 – 2012          As a member of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, I led the development of a placement policy and exam for students attempting to be placed in Calculus I and pre-calculus.  As 75% of pre-requisite overrides were done outside of our department, this policy restricted the ability of individuals to issue pre-requisite overrides in mathematics from campus-wide advisors to a small handful of advisors.  I co-developed and implemented a new departmental placement policy for freshman courses based on students high school rank and SAT/ACT scores.   The state planned on eliminating our MS program and I co-authored a defense that allowed the program to continue.

2010 – 2011    As head of the Fast Track Subcommittee of the Graduate Curriculum Committee in 2010-2011, I helped draft and implement the Five Year Fast Track BS/MS degree