Theresa S. Hefner-Babb

hefner-babb250x250.jpegEd.D., Lamar University, 2016
M.A., Lamar University, 2004
M.L.I.S., University of Oklahoma, 1999
B.A., Oklahoma City University, 1995

Gray Library 201
(409) 880-2135

Theresa S. Hefner-Babb is Instruction & Assessment Coordinator/Copyright Librarian and Associate Professor of Library Services at Lamar's Gray Library. In that role, she oversees the Federal depository collection, the library instruction program, and assessment for the library and LIBR 1101. Dr. Hefner-Babb's dissertation, "A Parallel Study of Academic Library Administrators' Leadership Behaviors," focuses on leadership practices of library administrators versus the preferences of the librarians they supervise. Her historical research interests include legislative history, the American Civil War, military history, and popular culture.