About the Program

English and Books

The mission of the Department of English, Modern Languages (which also houses Philosophy) is to provide superior teaching, research, and service. Faculty members seek to develop students' literary comprehension, creative and critical thinking, writing and communicative abilities in a range of diverse intellectual and cultural traditions. The department is committed to fostering a sound liberal arts academic experience and to prepare graduates to meet the educational, professional, and cultural needs of the region and beyond.
The modern languages program strives to promote the study of languages, literatures and communication; to develop cultural awareness; and to encourage an appreciation of international values.

The philosophy program seeks to awaken in students the spirit of critical thinking and to help students understand the philosophical roots of civilization.

The English program endeavors to advance the study and appreciation of the English language as a tool for scholarly analysis, criticism, creativity, and communication. The program also seeks to help students understand literature as an expression of aesthetic and humanistic values.