Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages-French

A bachelor of arts degree in French draws you into the far-reaching and influential culture, literature, and language of France. In more than fifty countries in the world, more than 200 million people speak French, and you will be immersed in learning to communicate with them. Your degree can take you into careers like international business, public policy, immigration work, education, medicine, law, human rights, and language translation.

Our department is committed to fostering a sound liberal arts academic experience and to preparing you to meet the educational, professional, and cultural needs of the region. The BA in Modern Languages-French will prepare you for a variety of careers outside the obvious ones of professional writing and teaching--you will be well equipped to deal with the professional demands of many jobs, since you will be a great communicator who has been trained to think analytically and interact effectively with people.

Our department has a large network of alumni and community supporters who contact us frequently looking for graduates of our program (like you!), so job placement is also one of the ways we strive to support our students both during their studies and after graduation.

Explore such topics as:

  • French Language (beginner through advanced)
  • French Conversation
  • Literature/Drama Surveys
  • Phonology/Phonetics
  • Advanced Grammar and Composition
  • Culture and Civilization
young woman reading book on a city wall in France, eiffel tower in background

Programs of Study

Majors - Course Requirements

Minors - Course Requirements

Modern Languages with French Concentration

The degree of Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages/French concentration combines general requirements, including the core curriculum: 

  1. Core curriculum and college requirements, 45 hours.
  2. Academic Foundation Requirements, 6 hours: Three additional hours from ENGL 3330 or 3332, HIST 4310 or HIST 4324
  3. ML/French concentration major, 33 hours: FREN 1311 and 1312 (Beginning French I and II), FREN 2311 and 2312 (Intermediate French I and II), FREN 3300 (French Conversation), FREN 3370 (Advanced Grammar and Composition), FREN 3380 (French Phonetics), FREN 3390 (French Culture and Civilization), three advanced (3000-or 4000-level) French courses, one of which must be at the 4000 level.
  4. Minor: 18 hours, including at least 9 hours of advanced courses.
  5. Academic electives: 15 hours, including at least 9 hours of advanced courses.

With Teacher Certification

If you are seeking teacher certification in French, you should major in the Department of English, Modern Languages and Philosophy and receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in Modern Languages/French concentration.

If you are receiving the Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages/French concentration with a Teaching Certification, you must take the same core curriculum and departmental foundations outlined in Bachelor of Arts-ML/French and similar major studies.

If you are majoring in Modern Languages/French concentration with Teacher Certification, you do not need to have a minor. In addition, you must complete FREN 4350 – Teaching Methods EC-6 and FREN 4360 – Teaching Methods 6-12. You must also complete all required courses in professional pedagogy, including student teaching, must comply with all current departmental/university and state preparation/remediation policies and must pass appropriate local and state qualifying examinations.

Minors in Our Department

French minor

If you wish to minor in French, you must take 18 hours beyond FREN 1311, including the following (no grade less than “C”):

  • FREN 1312 Beginning French II
  • FREN 2311 Intermediate French I
  • FREN 2312 Intermediate French II
  • 9 hours Advanced (3000-or 4000-level) French electives