What can a degree in English and Modern Languages do for you?

Our department is committed to fostering sound liberal arts academic experiences and preparing graduates to meet the educational, professional and cultural needs of the region and beyond.

Language majors and minors will be well equipped to deal with professional demands of many jobs, as they are good communicators and have been trained to think analytically and interact effectively with people. To help with these occupational goals, our department tries to provide paid training for students in areas that they might use for further employment.  View Steve Strauss' article on "Why I Hire English Majors".

Career Opportunities

Because English and Modern Language Majors develop numerous transferable career skills, they can pursue a surprising variety of occupations:

  • Magazine Publishing
  • Library
  • Publishing
  • Newspaper Publishing
  • Advertising
  • Intelligence Research
  • Teaching
  • Public Service
  • Editing
  • Technical Writing
  • Law
  • Public Relations
  • Business, Multinational Corporations
  • Government, Military Service
  • Airline Industry
  • Retail Management
  • Communications
  • Disneyland Paris and Florida
  • Travel Agencies
  • Medicine
  • Law Enforcement
  • Hospitality Industry

Why Study English and Modern Languages?

CNN Money reports that "The verbal and written communication skills that English majors possess remain in top demand at nearly every company in America."

"Businesses tell us they like to hire English majors because they feel that they can think. They've got the writing and analytical skills they need. The rest they can be trained to learn," writes Ernest Suarez, a professor at The Catholic University of America in Washington and chairman of the English department.

Now more than ever before, knowledge of a second language can prove invaluable to the student and graduate. Mastery of a second language is useful in almost any career and may provide a career in itself. In addition, such knowledge aids understanding of and participation in world events because it accompanies an immersion in the cultural and historical background of that nation's people.

Undergraduate Programs of Study


Teacher Certification

Non-Certification (With concentrations in literature, writing, rhetoric/linguistics)

Modern Languages


Teacher Certification



Teacher Certification


Writing Minor or English Minor

LU Core Curriculum (a set of undergraduate courses that all freshmen/sophomores take)