Student Stories

chelsea-barnard90x94.jpeg"The English and Modern Language department at LU not only taught me the necessary requirements for a degree in the humanities (grammar, textual analysis, and theory) but also provided me with engaging professors who offered graduate school and career advice. They prepared me for my professional life while simultaneously encouraging my creative and scholarly pursuits, such as assisting with conference proposals, providing networking opportunities, and demonstrating their own relentless dedication to their research and to their students. Even in my alumna status, I still can and do turn to several professors in the department for their much appreciated opinions, and they are always willing to take a moment (or several) to invest in my future." Chelsea Barnard '12, 2012 Beck Fellow

kevin-king90x94.jpeg"My bachelor's degree in English from Lamar University has allowed me the opportunity to realize my dream of becoming a journalist and a writer. Thanks to the preparation I received from the department's vigorous writing, grammar, literature, rhetoric and foreign language coursework, I have been able to land a job that I truly look forward to going to every day. The department possesses professors and instructors that are highly knowledgeable and truly care about their students' success during and after their Lamar experience. In fact, I loved my experience in the Lamar English Department so much that I plan to return in the fall to work on my masters degree."  Kevin King '13

"I'm currently pursuing my Masters in English here at Lamar. I work in the Writing Center and I enjoy being able to help people during the writing process (brainstorming to needing help with their drafts) and actually getting to use what I have studied."  Lanna Eaves '12

"After graduating with my English degree, I discovered during my job search that my opportunities stretched beyond just teaching. With all my English class papers, I was able to create a writing portfolio that caught the eye of many businesses, which gave me a high advantage and opened many doors. My having a B.A. in English has benefited in my search for a career and has allowed me to see a brighter future."  Tamar Johnson '10

adrienne90x94.jpeg"The department has opened jobs in areas from tutoring sessions to teaching assistants to editing positions. I have an editing position now, and hope to soon be employed as a tutor.  I am able to gain experience that is specific to my major and therefore directly related to jobs I will pursue after graduation.  These jobs open opportunities that most students will not find until after graduation…I am able to experiment in more than one English field thereby strengthening my chances for post-graduation employment.”  Adrienne Ryherd ‘07

ashlynn90x94.jpeg“While attending Lamar, I have been introduced not only to great literature but also to quality teaching, which has inspired me to continue my career in higher education.  Also, working at Lamar’s Writing Center has given me the skills to enter a graduate program with a competency I might not have had otherwise.”  Ashlynn Ivy ‘07