LU Design Projects

2012 Sanitizing Airlock for ISS Intelligent Lighting Control System

Electric Propulsion Systems

Remote Image System Acquisition (RISA) – Space Camera 4 (SC4) Development

2010 Design of a Highly Efficient Horizontal-Axis Washing Machine for Lunar Habitat

Design of a Crew Elevation Device for Lunar Lander

RISA Multispectral, Optical System Development


Cardinal B.E.A.S.T. Advanced Robotic Technology

Cardinal Direction Advanced Robotic Technology

Cardinal D.E.E.P. Mars Drill Automation


LUC [Lamar University Crew] Heat Pump for Thermal Control of Space Vehicles

Red Rover Advanced Robotics Technology – Object Avoidance

Heat Q12 Multi-Environment Evaporative Heat Sink

M.A.R.S. Advanced Robotics Technology


Cardinal Drillers Mars Drill Automation

Robocards Advanced Robotics Technology

2004 Lamartian Invaders Unpressurized Manned Rover for Use on Mars Surface
2003 Solar Powered Charging of Electric Carts or Bicycles