Instructions For Authors

Title: 'Computer Science Department Technical Reports - Lamar University'
Acronym: CSTR-LU

Instructions for Authors

Submitting a paper for publication:

Before submitting the request for publishing a Technical Report you should prepare the abstract of the Technical Report in ASCII format and the Technical Report in PostScript/PDF format. Then you should send them to Technical Report's Managing Editor. The Managing Editor will then verify the information that you provided and assign the Technical Report number to your request.

The format of CSTR-LU submissions:

The format of the technical reports should follow the following guidelines:

    • Paper size is 'Letter'
    • Left, right, top and bottom margins should not be smaller than 1 inch
    • A font size of 11 points is recommended.
    • The title page of the report must clearly state the author's affiliation with Computer Science Department (the format for title page can be obtained from the Technical Report Managing Editor).
    • The report will be given the standard Computer Science Department report layout, including the Computer Science Department logo and the logos of Lamar University.