Dr. Stefan Andrei

Dr. Stefan AndreiPosition: Professor and Department Chair (PhD, Hamburg University)
Research Interests: Real-Time Systems, Software Engineering, Programming Languages
Email: sandrei@my.lamar.edu
Faculty Phone : 880-8748
Faculty Office : MAES 69
Department Chair Phone : 880-8776
Department Chair Office : 57
Link:  Professional Webpage

Mr. Michael D. Beard

 Mr. Michel D. BeardPosition:Instructor (MEd, Lamar University)

Research Interests: Microcomputers
Email: mdbeard@my.lamar.edu
Faculty Phone:880-8701
Faculty Office: Maes 75

Dr. Peggy Israel Doerschuk

Dr. Piggy Israel DoerschukPosition:Professor (PhD, Tulane University)

Research Interests : Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Architecture
Email: pdoerschuk@my.lamar.edu
Faculty Phone: 880-8782
Faculty Office: MAES 71
Link:  Professional Webpage

Dr. Hikyoo Koh

Dr. Hikyoo KohPosition:Professor (PhD, University of Pittsburgh)
Research Interests: Reasoning and Heuristic Search, Computational Complexity Theory, Software Testing and Languages Translation
Email: hkoh@my.lamar.edu
Faculty Phone: 880-8779
Faculty Office : MAES 68
Link: Professional Webpage

Dr. Jiangjiang (Jane) Liu

Dr. Jiangjiang (Jane) LiuPosition:Professor (PhD, University at Buffalo)
Research Interests: Computer Architecture, Embedded Systems
Email: jliu@my.lamar.edu
Faculty Phone: 880-7741
Faculty Office: MAES 87
LinkProfessional Webpage

Dr. Xingya Liu

Dr. Xingya LiuPosition: Assistant Professor (PhD, University of North Carolina @ Charlotte)
Research Interests: Cyber Security,  Next-Generation Wireless Networks and Fog Computing and Mobile Computing
Email: xliu@lamar.edu
Faculty Phone880-8677
Faculty Office: MAES 86
Link: Professional Webpage

Dr. S. Kami Makki

 Dr. S. Kami MakkiPosition:Professor (PhD, University of Queensland)

Research Interests: Databases, Security, Mobile and Wireless Computing
Email: kmakki@my.lamar.edu
Faculty Phone: 880-8783
Faculty Office: MAES 74
LinkProfessional Webpage

Dr. Lawrence J. Osborne

Dr. Lawrence J. OsbornePosition:Professor (PhD, University of Missouri - Rolla)
Research Interests: Parallel Processing, Operating Systems, Distributed Systems and Graphics
Email: ljosborne@my.lamar.edu
Faculty Phone: 880-8719
Faculty Office: MAES 98
LinkProfessional Webpage

Dr. Timothy Roden

Dr. Timothy RodenPosition:Associate Professor (PhD, University of North Texas)   
Research Interests: Mobile Computing and Application Development, Game Development, Computer Graphics 
Email: troden@lamar.edu
Faculty Phone: 880-2179
Faculty Office:MAES 96
LinkProfessional Webpage

Dr. Bo Sun

Dr. Bo SunPosition:Professor (PhD, Texas A & M University)
Research Interests: Network Security, Wireless Networks
Email: bsun@my.lamar.edu
Faculty Phone: 880-8781
Faculty Office: MAES 70
LinkProfessional Webpage

Mr. Frank Sun

Mr. Frank SunPosition:Instructor and System Administrator (MSc, University of Houston)   
Research Interests: Linux and Unix system administration, Cyber security
Email: frank.sun@lamar.edu
Faculty Phone: 880-7998
FAX: (409) 880-2364
Faculty Office: MAES 204
LinkProfessional Webpage

Dr. Sujing Wang

Dr. Sujing WangPosition:Assistant Professor (PhD, University of Houston) 
Research Interests:Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Geographic Information System, Big Data, Cloud Computing
Email: sujing.wang@lamar.edu
Faculty Phone: 880-7798
Faculty Office: MAES 67
Link:Professional Webpage

Dr. Jing Zhang

Dr. Jing ZhangPosition:Assistant Professor (PhD, University of South Florida)   
Research Interests: Image/Video Processing and Analysis, Medical Image Analysis, Computer Vision 
Email: : jing.zhang@lamar.edu
Faculty Phone: 880-7995
Faculty Office:MAES 72
LinkProfessional Webpage