Graduate Computer Science Program-Level Objectives

The objectives of the Graduate Computer Science Program are that all students will:
  1. possess a breadth of knowledge in Computer Science, combined with a depth of knowledge in at least one focus area;
  2. possess the skills and knowledge to enable them to be committed to lifelong learning in Computer Science;
  3. be knowledgeable about the theoretical foundations of computing and have strong practical application experience;
  4. be able to make a professional presentation and be able to write a professional paper in Computer Science as part of a team;
  5. understand and respect the professional standards of ethics expected of a computer scientist and be knowledgeable concerning the history of the computing field.
  6. Be able to analyze and compare the relative merits of alternative software designs, algorithmic approaches, and computer system organization, with respect to a variety of criteria relevant to the task (e.g. efficiency, scalability, security)