COSC 1324 Introduction to Computer Game Development

COSC 1324 Introduction to Computer Game Development is open to students of all majors interested in learning more about the entertainment software industry.  It is a required course for students majoring in Computer Game Development and students typically take it in their first semester in the program.

The process of making games involves people from many different disciplines.  Designers create the stories and environments in an electronic game.  Artists create the visual elements of a game including still images, 3D models and animations.  Audio designers establish a mood for the game through music and sound effects. 

Finally, programmers write the computer code needed to tie all the other elements together and display artwork and narrative in the proper sequence.  Understanding how these professionals interact to create games that are fun is what this course is about. 

Students typically come into the course with a wide range of experiences with computer games from many different perspectives.  Some students may have more experience with casual games while others may have great deal of experience with online multiplayer games.  While all these experiences are valuable, the successful industry professional with have a broad knowledge of all aspects of game development including gameplay, genres, industry trends and marketing strategies. 

Assignments in the course ask students to evaluate games, create original game designs and research companies and career options. 

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course students should be able to:

  • Discuss the history of electronic game development.
  • Distinguish between different game platforms and genres.
  • Define elements related to game strategy, theory and gameplay.
  • Identify the distinct roles and responsibilities of members of a game development team.
  • Analyze and develop game concepts and proposals.
  • Apply story and character development to games.
  • Evaluate the game industry and market.

Course Prerequisites: None

Required Course Textbook: Jeannie Novak. (2011). Game Development Essentials: An Introduction, 3rd Edition, Cengage Learning. ISBN-13: 978-1111307653.