Microsoft Developers Network Academic Alliance

The Microsoft Developers Network Academic Alliance (MSDNAA) product is a licensing program purchased by the Lamar University Computer Science Dept. from Microsoft which allows all students, faculty, and staff of the computer science department to use various Microsoft software products and online resources for academic and non-profit research purposes. Before you use it please read the License Agreement.

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To get your membership, please sign your agreement in the computer science department office - Room 201.The membership will expire at the end of every Fall and Spring semesters. Sign the agreement at the beginning of each semester.


  1. Who is eligible to get an membership:
    Those who are currently registered Computer Science major student.
  2. How do I get the membership?
    Sign the agreement, which is available in computer science department office at room 204 (Contact Mr. Frank Sun). Write your email address in the agreement. Only the school email account is accepted by Microsoft for the membership. After you sign the agreement, you will get a email from Microsoft containing your login name and password. Only email account is acceptable.
  3. How long does the membership last?
    The membership will expire in Aug 30, or Dec 30 each year. You need to renew your membership at the beginning of each spring and fall semesters.