Computer Science Mission Statement

The department will offer an education that is highly regarded by students, colleagues, industry, and other universities for its quality in teaching and in pure and applied research. We recognize that computer science requires a solid foundation in fundamental principles in order to prepare our graduates for continued learning and adaptation to the increasingly rapid changes likely to occur in information technology.

Our department prepares its students for professional employment and graduate education through study and implementation of the fundamental principles of theory, abstraction, and software design, while at the same time presenting the ethical and social issues associated with computer science. We believe that the work environment should enable everyone involved to feel a sense of confidence, power, and self worth that will lead to the joyful pursuit of learning and effective teaching. We believe this environment is best fostered when there is a climate of collegiality and collaboration among the participants. We believe that integrity, honesty and trust are the foundation for success in any enterprise.

B.S. in Computer Science Mission Statement

The mission of the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS) program is to provide graduates with the fundamental knowledge and habits of critical thinking required for future leadership roles in the numerous fields that depend on the underlying discipline of computer science. We intend to give each graduate a foundation in both the theory and the practice of computer science, and to prepare each graduate for advanced study or to be an effective employee upon finishing the program. We intend to introduce each graduate to the challenges and joys involved in research that leads to new kinds of computer software. We intend to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to foster a commitment to lifelong learning and ethical behavior. The faculty believes that the mission can only be accomplished through dedicated teaching, research, and service.