Dr. Kumer Das and Dr. Dale Daniel of Mathematics,and Dr. Stefan Andrei and Dr. Lawrence Osborne received a research grant from the National Science Foundation
The National Science Foundation has awarded Lamar University a grant of more than $550,000 to support The ASCENT program which provides scholarships for students majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics who have completed their first two years of work with at least a 3.0 GPA and who are eligible for financial aid. Community college transfer students are encouraged to apply as well as those students who have been attending Lamar. The Principal Investigator of ASCENT is Dr. Kumer Das in the Department of Mathematics, and the Co-Principal Investigators are Dr. Stefan Andrei (Computer Science), Dr. Dale Daniel (Mathematics), and Dr. Lawrence Osborne (Computer Science.)
The scholarships are worth as much as $10,000 per year. In addition to faculty mentoring, students will be supported by peer mentoring, career education information, and additional summer research opportunities. This summer 8 undergraduate students were selected to begin the program. They took a class in Graph Theory taught by Dr. Dale Daniel to enhance their understanding of discrete mathematics, a necessary component for both pure mathematics and computer science.

National Science Foundation grant for STAIRSTEP project
"Dr. Peggy Doerschuk and her colleagues, Dr. Cristian Bahrim, Dr. Jennifer Daniel, Dr. Joe Kruger, Dr. Judith Mann, and Dr. Christopher Martin, have received a four-year grant for $ 800,000 from NSF for the STAIRSTEP project (STudents Advancing through Involvement in Research Student Talent Expansion Program). STAIRSTEP is designed to increase the number of talented at risk undergraduate students receiving baccalaureate degrees in Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, Geology, Earth Science, and Chemistry. The start date is January 1, 2009."

The National Science Foundation Grant for INSPIRED Program
The National Science Foundation has awarded Lamar University a $490,000 grant to support its "Increasing Student Participation in Research Development" - INSPIRED - program. The goal of the program is to demonstrate that by using INSPIRED strategies schools can increase the number of women and minorities getting computing degrees to help meet the growing demand for talented professionals in the field of computer science.

Strategies for INSPIRED include engaging students in an enriched research plan with tutoring, mentoring and peer support; helping students bridge to advanced study or careers in computing; dispelling misconceptions about computer science that discourage participation of women and minorities; and engaging INSPIRED students in outreach programs for under-represented middle and high school students.

Funding will support the program for three years, beginning Sept. 1, 2007. Computer Science Professor Dr. Peggy Doerschuk and Assistant Professor Dr. Jiangjiang Liu will direct the activities of the INSPIRED Program, and Psychology Assistant Professor Judith Mann will direct the assessment of the INSPIRED Program.

Dr. Bo Sun - "Received a grant from the National Science Foundation

Dr. Bo Sun received a grant for "Principal Investigator from Computer Science and Qi Qian, co-PI from the Civil Engineering department" from the National Science Foundation (NSF)


Project Description:

MRI: Acquisition of Equipment to Develop a Ubiquitous Wireless Sensor Network for Measurement, Modeling and Prediction in Water Resource Management.

This project, acquiring equipment to advance real-time in situ monitoring of data related to water quantity and quality, aims to develop Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) to:

  • Obtain measurements of temperature, water dissolved oxygen, water depth, flow rate, and pH value spatially and temporally with high resolution and accuracy;
  • Apply WSN-collected real-time, large-scale heterogeneous data to develop calibrate and validate water quantity and quality models, to characterize interactions among water resources, climate changes and human impact to provide more accurate prediction for water sustainability management under different scenarios;
  • Compile and distribute regional and national measurements and design a database/online repository.