Financial Aid

Dear Applicant:

Thank you for your interest in the Department of Computer Science at Lamar University.

In general, assistantships are granted after a student has been enrolled in our program and can demonstrate useful skills. Priority is given to students who have been here for at least one year and have done well in their coursework. We do not have full time technical staff. Thus we depend entirely on our graduate students for network administration, tutoring, help desk work, and Web site development. Since funds are scarce, we must allocate them on a priority basis to those students whose skills can assist us in the educational process. We do not have enough money to simply give students money for attending school here. Furthermore, the fact is that if you are an international student, your family has never paid taxes in Texas. Hence, there is no reason why the government should offer you assistance and deny it to residents of this State.

Scholarships are generally offered on the basis of the quantitative portion of the GRE exam and are given at the time the Department reviews the applicant's application. We do not consider need as one of the reasons for giving aid. The only criteria are GRE scores, undergraduate Grade Point Average, and academic background. Thus, the financial statement that applicants are required to give the University as part of the application process has no influence on whether we offer the student a scholarship or not. At this time a score of at least 680 is needed on the quantitative part (mathematics) of the GRE to qualify for consideration for a scholarship. We do not use the Analytical and verbal portion of the GRE. Transfer Students get transfer up to 6 credit hours for courses where grade is at least 'B'.

The main benefit of scholarships and assistantships is that they provide an out-of-state tuition waiver worth about $6400 per year. The scholarships themselves provide $1000 for one academic year. If you do not receive a scholarship and out-of-state tuition waiver before you arrive, you will receive aid after one year if your GPA is at least 3.25 regardless of what were your initial GRE scores or undergraduate GPA, Another source of funds for students are on campus jobs. The Library, the Business College, the Dining Hall, the Physical Plant, the Education College, and many other departments do hire students. All of these employment opportunities can be investigated once you arrive on campus.

Best regards,

Dr. Stefan Andrei, 
Chair Department of Computer Science

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