Bill Nylin Scholarship Information

The Dr. William "Bill" Nylin Scholarship in Computer Science was established by former students,family,colleagues and Lamar University alumni in honor of Dr. Nylin for his dedication and hard work in building the excellent educational foundation that all computer science students at Lamar enjoy today.

The Department of Computer Science at Lamar University awards the Bill Nylin Scholarship each spring semester to an incoming, or current, student in the bachelor's program in Computer Science or Computer Information Science. The scholarship award is about  $900.00, and it is awarded in two payments, half in the Fall semester and half in the following Spring semester. 

Criteria: The scholarship is open to all class levels pursuing a degree in Computer Science or Computer Information Science . The recipient must be a full-time student and must have a 3.0 GPA.

To be eligible for this scholarship , you must provide the document requested in the Special Information Question on the general application.

If you would like to apply for the Bill Nylin Scholarship for this academic year, please go to LU Connect and click on myScholarships before March 1.


Dr. Stefan Andrei, 
Chair Department of Computer Science