Dear Applicant:

Thank you for inquiring about research assistantships at Lamar University. We do have some, financed by faculty grants, but since these grants require a sophisticated product by a certain deadline, the faculty members must know the student before being willing to hire them to participate in their work. Thus, we do not offer any research money to entering students. After a semester or a year, if you are an outstanding student, then one of the faculty will probably ask you to help her/him. Our main research areas are robotics, artificial intelligence including neural networks and genetic algorithms, computer networks, distributed systems, symbolic computation (computer algebra), data mining, and theoretical computer science.

If you are interested in doing research at Lamar University, then you should plan to do a thesis, rather than a final project, and you should take courses that contain subjects in which faculty are doing research. There is no formal application that you must fill out in order to obtain an assistantship. Rather, if you are an excellent student faculty will invite you to participate.

I hope this answers your questions.

Best regards,

Dr. Stefan Andrei, 
Chair Department of Computer Science

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Beaumont, Texas 77710
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