Paul F. Nicoletto


Paul F. Nicoletto
Chair, Department of Biology

Professor of Biology

Phone: 409-880-8256

Office: 101-A Hayes Biology Building


Courses Taught: Anatomy and Physiology I & II ( Biol 2401& 2402), Animal Behavior (Biol 4401), Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates (Biol 3428), Environmental Science and Ichthyology (Biol 4401), Experimental Design.

Dr. Nicoletto is a behavioral ecologist interested in animal communication and mating systems. His primary interests are in the physiological costs of ornamentation and courtship behavior and their relationship to male physical condition. A current project in development is assessing sound production in pupfish and its use in mating displays. He is also working on survey of reptiles and amphibians in Village Creek State Park.


Drift Fence for amphibians and reptiles at Village Creek State Park

Selected Publications

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