Michael W. Haiduk


Michael W. Haiduk

Professor of Biology

Phone: 409-880-8265

Office: 102 Science Auditorium 

Lab: Science Auditorium

Email: mhaiduk@my.lamar.edu

Courses taught: General Biology (Biol 1406, 1407), Genetics (Biol 3470), Mammology (Biol 4401), Desert Mammology (Biol 4401), Herpetology (Biol 4401), Vertebrate Natural History (Biol 4440), Molecular Genetics (Biol 4401), Systematics and Evolution (Biol 4401), Development of Biological Thought ( Biol4300)

Research Interest: Dr. Haiduk's research centers on population studies of reptiles.  His lab is currently investigating a possible hybrid zone of the Mojave Rattlesnake and the Western Diamondback rattlesnake using genetic markers.  The study site is located in the Black Gap Wildlife area in West Texas.  He also conducts population surveys of the rodents, bats, and herps in this area during his desert mammology field trip.  Dr. Haiduk is also very interested in the biology of bats.