Sophomore Services Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many hours do you need to be classified as a sophomore?

You are considered a sophomore when you have successfully completed 30-59 cumulative earned hours (E-hrs)


2. If I am a sophomore who will be my academic advisor?

All sophomores in good academic standing are advised by Mariela Jarrell. She can be reached for assistance at (409) 880-7570.

3. How will these sophomore services help me?

These services will help sophomores with the critical areas of career planning, major selection, and preparation for the world of work.

4. Why should I register with the Career Center?

You should register with the Career Center to keep abreast of professional development workshops, job fairs, on or off campus job postings, specialized career advising, and other vital resources and services available to you as a student.

5. Why do I have to see my academic advisor for a follow-up visit?

It is very critical each semester that you stay in contact with your academic advisor if you have personal concerns, problems with your courses, need tutoring assistance, or career guidance if you are ready to change your major.

6. What is an on-line career assessment?

An on-line career assessment is a tool used via the internet to help you determine your career related likes or dislikes which will be used to make an informed career choice. You will be given information about your career interests, skills, values, and personality type. You will have the opportunity to explore various occupations to help you in your career decision and prepare you for your career