General Studies


The Center for General Studies is a multi-service advising unit whose mission is to provide the highest quality academic advising. The Center offers instructional support and services for students who have not declared a major and for students seeking the Bachelor of General Studies degree. The Center is committed to providing students with a dynamic and student-centered environment that facilitates academic and career exploration, enhances the learning process, promotes student success, encourages self-reliance, and fosters a sense of belonging to the university community.

BGS students at desk


We believe academic advising should be an ongoing, facilitative, developmental process between students, advisors, staff, faculty, and administrators and that effective advising requires a broad-based, or holistic, approach to working with students. We further believe that a successful academic advising program includes not only advising but also encouraging, tracking, and monitoring students to ensure their academic success. Therefore, the Center works diligently to establish cooperative partnerships within the university and serves to promote quality academic advising by providing leadership, guidance, information, and resources for other university units and personnel. The academic advisors in the Center are knowledgeable and caring professionals, dedicated to the overall development of the students we serve.