Freshman Resources

Differences Between High School and College - Be prepared for many changes. From teacher contacts and class time to freedom status, everything changes.

Core Curriculum - The core curriculum for undergraduates is the set of “basic” courses that all students, regardless of their major, are required to complete. This requirement is based on the belief that certain fundamental qualities besides the ones needed for the student’s major are needed for intellectual growth and professional advancement. The core curriculum was developed to help students think critically, communicate effectively, and understand current issues.

Making My Class Schedule - Suggestions on how to make a "balanced" class schedule.

Bookstore - Course materials can be purchased and delivered to your home.

CourseSmart - Save money by purchasing your textbook as an eTextbook.

Tips for First-Year Students - Prior freshmen speak out on what they wish they had known before their first semester of college.

Student Development & Leadership – This department is dedicated to increasing leadership abilities, promoting student learning, and enhancing the development of all participating students. Learn how you can get involved at Lamar University (i.e. Greek Council, Multicultural Affairs, Santa’s Unlimited, Cardinals C.A.R.E, Leadership Lamar Conference, and many more opportunities).

Academic and Career Guide - College is work. Read what it takes to succeed in your new job. Activities you should consider to be successful your freshman year.