Freshman Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do students choose to enter as Undeclared/Undecided Majors?

Entering as an Undeclared Major allows students to do self-exploration and career investigation to feel confident in choosing the major that fits them best.

2. Will I be behind in my classes if I enter as an Undeclared/Undecided Major?

You can graduate on time with most majors if, during your freshman year, you follow an active strategy exploring your interests and trying courses in the majors that interest you. If you have a specific major in mind, we recommend taking the required beginning course or courses for that major during your first semester. This is especially important for students considering majors in Engineering, Education, Nursing, Biology, Computer Science, and all Pre-Professional areas. Curricula in these areas are very structured and additional time will be required to complete programs if not started during the freshman year.

3. How do I choose my classes if I’m not declaring a major yet?

Your first year of courses will be selected from the core curriculum, also known as general education courses required for all degrees at LU. Additionally, you may be required to enroll in a pre-collegiate course such as Developmental Math. To explore majors, you may choose to enroll in one or more “exploratory” courses after consultation with your Academic Advisor.

4. What help is available to explore possible majors?

Career counseling services are available in both General Studies and the Career & Testing Center.

“I have no idea where to begin.”

We suggest you complete the Career Planning Scale offered through General Studies to discover your strengths in the career planning process.

“I’m interested in several areas.”

We suggest you complete a career assessment to discover how your strongest interests, work values, skills, and personality connect to certain careers. Several free assessments are available through both the Center for General Studies and the Career & Testing Center.

SOURCE: The University of Findlay. “Q & A for Freshmen Entering as Undeclared Majors.” [Online] 01 April 2009.