Transfer Students

Transfer Student

If you have not completed college-level classes in mathematics, English, philosophy, political science, or history GET MORE INFO about possible exam exemptions. »

The following courses are approved to complete students for TSI purposes and exempt students from the TSI Assessment in the designated area.

NOTE: The courses listed are Lamar University course numbers, check your Academic Transcript on your Self-Service Banner account for your evaluated transfer courses.

Transfer Courses


ENGL 1301 or higher

HIST 1301 or 1302

PHIL 1370 or higher

POLS 2301 or 2302

PSYC 2301 or higher


ENGL 1301 or higher


Any college-level mathematics course at or above College Algebra.  

If you believe that you have successfully completed a college-level course in one of these areas, but do not see the course listed as an approved course number, please contact the UAC.  

If you did not complete a college-level course in one or more areas, click here for information about possible exemptions via test scores.  

If you previously attended a Texas Public institution (community college, university, etc.), even if you did not complete courses in all of the above mentioned areas, contact the UAC so that we can update your TSI status based upon the TSI evaluation completed by the previous institution.  

Don't Meet the Requirements?

If you do not meet an approved exemption, click here for more information about taking the TSI Assessment.


Need Help?

Please contact us if you have any questions about TSI or to confirm if you need to take the TSI Assessment.  

Phone: (409) 880-8822

Your Next Steps

  1. If you have completed approved courses in each area, then your TSI status is automatically updated and you do not need to take the TSI Assessment.
  2. Check your Self-Service Banner account to ensure that we have received and evaluated your transcripts.
    Self-Service Banner>Student Tab>Student Records>Academic Transcript
  3. Check your holds and address any that would prevent your advising session.
    Self-Service Banner>Student Tab>Student Records>View Holds
    1. Common holds that must be addressed prior to making your advising appointment:
      • Meningitis Requirement 
      • TB Requirement
      • International Holds
      • Title IX Training Required
    2. Common holds that will be addressed during your advising session:
      • UAC Advising 
      • Mandatory Advising
      • TSI (If you are an LU Online Accelerated Program student, contact the UAC to adjust this hold prior to your advising session).
      • Academic Probation
      • Pre-Professional Advising
      • State Drops Remaining
  4. After you complete the above steps, you are eligible to make your advising appointment.   
Choose the applicable option for more information about scheduling your advising session:

Freshman and Sophomore Students

Junior and Senior Students

LU Online Students
(Accelerated Program)