Already Taken the TSI Assessment?

Already Tested

If you have already taken the TSI Assessment, you do NOT have to take it again.
However, you are welcome to re-test if you would like to improve your score.  

Get more information about interpreting your scores.

Processing Your Scores

If you tested at Lamar University, or remotely (with a voucher number from Lamar University) we will automatically receive your scores electronically.  Allow us 24 hours after you complete the exam to process your scores.  

If you tested at a testing center other than on the Lamar University campus, choose the button below and fill out the form so that we can retrieve your TSI Assessment scores. You will need to know your LEA username and password to access the form. Your LEA information is the same as what you use to login in to your LU email. If you need help with your LEA Account, you can contact the Service Desk at 409-880-2222. Allow us 48 hours after you submit the form to process your scores.


Don't Meet the Requirements?

If you do not meet an approved exemption, click here for more information about taking the TSI Assessment.


Need Help?

Please contact us if you have any questions about TSI or to confirm if you need to take the TSI Assessment.  

Phone: (409) 880-8822

Your Next Steps

  1. Within 24 hours of receiving your scores, we will update the system so that your academic advisor can access them to help determine course placement. 
  2. Check your Self-Service Banner account to ensure that we have received and evaluated your transcripts.
    Self-Service Banner>Student Tab>Student Records>Academic Transcript
  3. Check your holds and address any that would prevent your advising session.
    Self-Service Banner>Student Tab>Student Records>View Holds
    1. Common holds that must be addressed prior to making your advising appointment:
      • Meningitis Requirement 
      • TB Requirement
      • International Holds
      • Title IX Training Required
    2. Common holds that will be addressed during your advising session:
      • UAC Advising 
      • Mandatory Advising
      • TSI (If you are an LU Online Accelerated Program student, contact the UAC to adjust this hold prior to your advising session).
      • Academic Probation
      • Pre-Professional Advising
      • State Drops Remaining
  4. After you complete the above steps, you are eligible to make your advising appointment. 
Choose the applicable option for more information about scheduling your advising session:

Freshman and Sophomore Students

Junior and Senior Students

LU Online Students
(Accelerated Program)