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Mission Statement

Lamar University’s Office of Retention & Student Success proactively empowers all students to achieve their academic, personal, and professional goals through campus-wide collaborative advising and academic support.

Quotes With LinesCollege is an exciting time of personal growth and development. It can also be a challenging and stressful time. Lamar University’s Retention & Student Success office is here to help. Your journey at LU begins with support from your academic advisor in the Undergraduate Advising Center (UAC). Your advisor is an important resource to help you identify the right academic path to your degree and professional career, helps you find campus resources, and assists you in getting connected with campus activities. To find out more about academic advising, visit the UAC website below.

As you work toward your degree, numerous academic support services are available from Student Tutoring and Retention Services (STARS). Whether in their main office in suite 109 of the Communication building or in the Tutoring Center on the first floor of the Gray Library, STARS’ outstanding peer and professional staff are here to support you on your academic journey. STAR Services’ programs include peer and professional mentoring through Cardinal Communities, individual and group tutoring through Tutoring Services, peer and professional academic coaching through LU Success and LU Outreach and Support, and workshops through REDtalks. Please visit the STAR Services website below for more information. Additionally, Academic Success Coaches in each of LU’s five Colleges are available to help you find resources on campus to support your success. 

Lamar University takes your success seriously and is keeping a watchful eye on students’ progress toward their degree with our Success Technologies group. Through a combination of data-driven program planning and proactive outreach to students, our office will help you stay on track to your academic, personal, and professional goals.

It’s a pleasure for us to serve you on your unique journey to a degree at Lamar University. Please don’t hesitate to let us know what you need to help you achieve your goals.


In December 2018, with the assistance of Ruffalo Noel Levitz, Lamar University students completed a survey about their LU experience. Over 1,600 students completed the survey and, as promised, we are sharing the results with you.

Compared to other National Four-Year Publics, when asked “How has your college experience met your expectations?”, students at Lamar University responded higher in net expectations (+.04).

Overall Strengths:

  • Students find their academic advisor is knowledge about their major requirements and faculty are knowledgeable in their field.
  • Students expressed that computer labs and library resources are adequate and accessible and tutoring services are readily available.
  • Students feel that they can experience intellectual growth here and there are a variety of courses provided on campus.

Opportunities for Improvement:

  • Students would like to be able to register for classes with fewer conflict.
  • Students would like to see an increase of safety, security, and maintenance of campus.
  • Students would like to see an increase in the availability and timing of announcements concerning financial aid.

What we plan to do: You spoke and we listened!

  • We are increasing communication and action to identify barriers to registration. Make sure you are reiterating to your students to check their LU e-mail, and do not be surprised if you get a personal call!
  • We recently rolled out the new LiveSafe mobile app to help share information and concerns with LUPD. Additionally, emergency towers were installed around campus, and the upkeep of the newly renovated quad is a high priority.
  • Increased automation of financial aid processes will result in a quicker time for student’s aid information. The Financial Aid office is restructuring the model for awarding aid and will have more proactive outreach and communication to students.
Upon completion of the survey, the students’ names were entered to win an Apple iPad Mini. The Student Success Technologies Team, and members of the Office of Marketing Communications, streamed a Facebook and Instagram Live video to draw and announce the winner. back at the start of Fall 2019 for news and information about Lamar University’s student success efforts, helpful tips and tricks for surviving college life, and interesting data about LU students.

SSI Graphic

Lamar University’s Office of Retention & Student Success proactively empowers all students to achieve their academic, personal, and professional goals through campus-wide collaborative advising and academic support.

Success Graph
2019 Provost’s Kickoff Retention and Student Success Presentation Highlights
Craig Escamilla
Executive Director, Retention and Student Success

Posted: September 9, 2019

It’s been a great, busy, and productive year for the Office of Retention and Student Success.  In case you did not have the chance to attend this year’s presentation at the Provost’s Kickoff, I wanted to give you a quick summary of what was presented.

What has the Office of Retention & Student Success been working on for the last year? 

  • Leadership and structure changes
  • This new team is more focused on research and data collection than ever before: quantitative and qualitative
  • Focused on connecting the line from enrollment to persistence (retention) to progression (forward movement toward degree) to completion (in four to six years)

One thing that we are NOT doing is coming up with quick fix, band-aid solutions, to pump up retention or graduation rates in the short-term. We want sustainable, long-term changes for the better. 

What good news have we found? 

  • Four-year graduation rates have improved (9% to 17%)
  • Early indications that Fall 2018 FTIC first-year retention rate will be up
  • Number of students on probation or suspended each semester has decreased since the founding of the UAC (decreased 25% in last six years)
  • Three out of four students in the Fall 2018 FTIC freshman cohort earned a cumulative GPA above 2.0 at the end of their first year. 
  • Multi-year averages indicate increased completion rates for African American and Hispanic students at LU
  • Three out of four Lamar University graduates are consistently employed in Texas, while internal data indicates that over eighty percent of LU graduates are employed, overall.
  • Progress reports data on student performance and interventionshave increased 
  • Data for our Conditionally Admitted student’s academic success has shown unexpectedly positive results
  • STAR Services served 1,974 unique students throughout the 18-19 academic year, an increase of 56% from 17-18
  • The UAC completed 12,450 appointments in the last year
  • Our students prefer a variety of communication channels, and we are working to oblige:email some, call others, visit in person with still others, and even piloting texting in specific cases
  • Received a 20% response rate of on campus students with the Student Satisfaction Inventory survey administered in December 2018

What are our concerns going forward? 

  • Four- and six-year graduation rates are still lower than average
  • First-year retention and six-year graduation rates essentially stagnant for over ten years
  • African American and male students retain at lower rates than average
  • Students taking only 12 or 13 hours in their first year retain at lower rates than average
  • Students from large high school graduating classes retain at lower rates than average
  • Students from outside the tri-county area retain at lower rates than average
  • Students who apply in the Spring semester or later before they begin at LU retain at lower rates
  • A huge enrollment growth market exists in Transfer students, but ours have told us in surveys and focus groups that they need better support
  • Low response rates to appointment campaigns after progress reports
  • For progress reports, data is problematic since we don’t have a complete picture of student's progress when we have incomplete progress reports 

What are we working on to address these concerns, and more generally? 

  • Establishing real-time dashboards for monitoring at-risk students, new first-time students, specific groups of students of concern based on historical data, retention rates, progress reports, and graduation rates and associated projections
  • Increasing automated standard communication to free staff up to spend more time where it really matters:meeting with and helping students  
  • Analyzing historical major change trends and patterns to help struggling students find their best-fit major and complete their degree as efficiently as possible
  • Aforementioned LU Outreach and Support program in STAR Services aimed at providing significant support to conditionally admitted students
  • A new “15 to Finish” program in the UAC to ensure that the majority of new first-time students are attempting fifteen hours each semester of their first year
  • There is a need to better connect academic departments with student support departments. To address this, we have launched and are further developing an academic success coach programhaving at least one coach in each college, and their responsibilities include: proactive outreach to students at risk to fail or not return, assistance connecting students to support services, assistance to faculty with connecting students with support services, monitoring and reporting on retention and graduation rates for the college 
  • Increased collaboration with Student Engagement to better understand and support our students from outside of Southeast Texas to increase their retention rates
  • To better support our transfer students, we created a Transfer student advocate position in the UAC to be one point of contact for new transfer students to help them get answers to questions, find and get connected to their advisors and departments, and provide similar, personalized service (admitted to enrolled yield increased 1.5% since Spring 2018)
  • A blog on the student success website to increase communication to the campus of data, progress toward goals, and support tips for students

What can you do to help us? 

Invest with us.  Be our partner in working collaboratively to review the data and discuss possible solutions and interventions.  Share real-time data with us by alerting advisors, coaches, and STAR Services of students you are concerned about.  This can be done by:

  • Completing progress reports
  • Providing information about students’ attendance and class participation
  • Referring students in need to STAR Services (lamar.edu/stars)
  • Referring students who can serve as tutors and success partners to STAR Services
  • Helping us dispel myths with current and accurate data about our students and their performance

I want you to know that my door is always open. I am always happy to meet, talk, discuss data and findings, brainstorm new ideas, or just visit to develop a relationship. Don’t hesitate to reach out and work with us.



Census Day

Contact Registration at (409) 880-8363 for drop information.

Fall 2019 Progress Reports

The Success Technologies Team will send academic progress reports for targeted student populations.  Progress reports are open for professors for two weeks.  For any questions, please contact successtech@lamar.edu

Spring 2020 Registration

Starting at 7:00am, Spring 2020 registration will begin for special population groups. Before registering, students with a mandatory advisement hold are required to make an appointment with their academic advisor in order for the hold to be removed. Those with an Accounts Receivable hold will need to contact Cashiering at 409-880-8390. Course schedules are available online only.

Spring 2020 Registration

Starting at 7:00am, Spring 2020 registration will begin for all students. Before registering, students with a mandatory advisement hold are required to make an appointment with their academic advisor in order for the hold to be removed. Those with an Accounts Receivable hold will need to contact Cashiering at 409-880-8390. Course schedules are available online only.

For more important dates and deadlines, please visit the Academic Calendar homepage.



Success Networks Meeting

We will provide an overview of the semester plan for the network and break into success groups by college.

Fall 2019 Commencement

Students from the College of Arts and Sciences will celebrate their academic success.

Fall 2019 Commencement

Students from the Colleges of Business, Education and Human Development, Engineering, and Fine Arts and Communication will celebrate their academic success.


Kender Myers

Kender Myers
Mauriceville, Texas
Student Assistant - Office of Student Retention and Success

Graduating from Lamar University in 2018 with her Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, Kender is currently pursuing her Master's Degree in Accounting, and anticipates to graduate fall, 2020.  Following graduation, Kender has already accepted an Auditor position with BDO (where she has previously interned) in Houston, Texas.  She also hopes to receive her CPA license by summer, 2020.  A few of Kender's notable achievements at Lamar University include: Serving on the Dean's Counsel for the College of Business, Honor's Society, Dean's and President's List, and New Student Orientation Leader.


Join us in congratulating the STAR Services tutoring program, which recently earned CRLA (College Reading & Learning Association) Levels I & II certification.

On August 17, 2019 the Graduation office successfully held Lamar University's Commencement.  480 graduating students joined in on the celebration of their accomplishments.  As of September 1st, we will have awarded 811 degrees for the summer term.

SSN Logo

Formed as a collaborative partnership in 2018, Lamar University’s Student Success Networks are teams of LU staff members who work closely together to serve students. Collaborating offices include: the UAC, STAR Services, the Center for Career and Professional Development (located in the Galloway building), Financial Aid & Scholarships, and Academic Success Coaches in each College on campus.

Important Class Information

How do I make an advising appointment?

Please check your Lamar University email for a message from your assigned academic advisor.  Using the provided appointment link, you are able to schedule your advising appointment.  For questions or assistance, please visit or call the Undergraduate Advising Center at (409) 880-8822.

How do I register for classes?

Students must apply and be admitted to Lamar University before registering for classes.  After meeting with an academic advisor, please register on-line by following the directions from the Registration homepage.  If you have any questions, please contact: registration@lamar.edu

How do I find the classroom where my class is?

When you look on your schedule, the building and room number for each class is listed by the course.  Please also refer to the campus map for additional assistance.  An interactive map is also available!

Helpful tip: If a room number begins with a "2", it is very likely located on the second floor.

How do I pay for my classes?

Lamar University offers several payment methods for your tuition.  The three payment methods are:

  1. Online
  2. In Person
  3. By Mail

Click here for more information.  For questions, please visit or call the Cashier Office at (409) 880-8390.

Tutoring Information

How do I make a tutoring appointment?

To schedule your tutoring appointment, please submit the tutor request form or contact The LU Tutoring Center at (409) 880.7526.  The LU Tutoring Center also offers walk-in tutoring!

How do I find info on group tutoring sessions?

Contact The LU Tutoring Center at (409) 880-7526.

What is LU Success and how can I participate?

LU Success is a free academic success coaching service provided to Lamar University undergraduate students who want to strengthen strategies and techniques to learn and plan most effectively and succeed in college.  Click here for more information. 

LU Involvement

What are REDtalks and when can I attend?

REDtalks are free 45-minute presentations by LU faculty, staff, and students sharing expertise and advice to help students succeed at Lamar University. Our presenters empower students with the skills and knowledge to thrive while reaching their academic and professional goals.  Visit the REDtalks homepage for the workshop schedule and more information.

How can I get involved on campus? (coordinate the answer here with Student Engagement with appropriate links to their programs)

With more than 150 registered clubs and organizations at Lamar University, students can easily pursue almost any interest.

From the moment you begin your journey at LU, you’ll be able to participate in professional, academic, cultural, Greek life, political, recreational, and special interest groups. Bring your student experience to life by checking out all student organizations and clubs and getting involved!

For more information, visit the Student Clubs and Organizations and Student Life homepages. 

What student success data does LU track and how is it used?

We look at multiple indicators before a student attends Lamar University, such as high school performance, standardized test scores, and geographical location. Once on campus, we track real time data on students' participation in classes and support services utilized on campus. We use this information to streamline suggestions for best fit resources and support based on unique student's situations as early as possible.

What does LU do if I’m struggling in class?

Various resources on campus (such as The Tutoring Center, The Math Shop, The Writing Center) conduct outreach throughout the semester to students who have been identified as potentially struggling in their class by the professor to offer tutoring assistance where needed.  These services are included in Lamar University's student fees and are highly recommended.

Does LU have academic progress reports?

Yes, progress reports are sent to professors once-twice a semester to complete and check student's academic progress.  Professors are also encouraged to issue early alerts on a student's academic progress for various offices on campus to intervene. Once an alert is issued, an appropriate support service will follow up with the student.

What is 15 to Finish?

Check back soon.

Does LU have specific support for writing and math?

Absolutely.  Please visit both The Math Shop and The Writing Center homepages for more information and how they can help!

General LU Information

What if I need help with paying for school or living expenses?

Lamar University offers a vast variety of resources to assist with this.  For more information, please visit the Financial Aid and Scholarships office, the Cashiering office for its various payment options, the LU Care Team and LU Strong.

I’m transferring into LU from a community college or other university. Who can help me?

Please visit the Transfer Student homepage for more information.
Mailing Address:
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Office of Retention and Student Success
P.O. Box 10079
Beaumont, Texas 77710