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 We proactively empower you to achieve your academic, personal, and professional goals through collaborative advising and academic support.

Campus Study Zones

Cherry Engineering

Tables outside of 1000 & 2000 (high traffic areas)

Rooms 1602 and 2400

Galloway Business

First floor lounge (outside Room 106)

Rooms 121, 132, 137, 140, 231

Lucas Engineering

Rooms 118, 211, 212

Maes Liberal Arts

Ground floor benches near both entrances.

2nd Floor Student Lounge

Rooms 112, 114, 115

Mary and John Grey Library

6th floor small group study rooms

If you have headphones and do not need to participate in class vocally, you are welcome to use any study spaces throughout the library, including computer labs.

Nutrition, Hospitality and human Services Building

Atrium Room 102

Computer Lab Room 101

Conference Room 106

Setzer Student Center

If you have headphones and do not need to participate in class vocally, you are welcome to use the second-floor lounge seating area.

Science and Technology

Lobby 100B, 102A

Rooms 108, 116, 120, 122, 125, 155, 162, 204, 206, 210, 226, 230, 258, 265B, 266, 267B, 269B, 276, 271B, 278. 280

Archer Physics

Wooster Conference Room, 200H
Clio’s Corner, Room 207
Room 104

CICE Building

Rooms 104 (Hatchery), 224 

The Undergraduate Advising Center (UAC) provides year-round academic advising and support for Lamar freshmen and sophomores and all Pre-Nursing students.
STAR Services supports student success through peer and professional mentoring, academic coaching, individual and group tutoring, and REDtalks workshops.

Message from STAR Services


Hello from STAR (Student Tutoring And Retention) Services! College is an exciting journey and we provide guidance and academic support resources to assist students in achieving their academic, personal, and professional goals.

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Ally Tywater

Ally Tywater
Silsbee, Texas

Graduating from Silsbee High School in 2019, Ally is currently a General Studies major, but plans to pursue a career in Physical Therapy with an anticipated graduation date of May, 2023.

After considerable thought on where to attend college, Ally chose Lamar University simply because of the smaller class sizes, the one-on-one attention students get with their professors, and being close to home. She says that “having the accountability from close family and peers to do well in college” and “making her parents proud” is very important to her.

She also loves that the staff and faculty here at LU are extremely approachable and willing to help. Ally owes her current academic success to Reba in STAR Services (who she met at the Academic Success Conference) and says if it “wasn’t for [Reba], I don’t know what I would do.” To help with her academic success, Ally took advantage of the many tutoring resources LU offers such as visiting the LU Tutoring Center, the Writing Center, and the Math Shop - while finishing her first semester, Fall 2019, on the Dean’s List.

SSN Logo

Formed as a collaborative partnership in 2018, Lamar University’s Student Success Networks are teams of LU staff members who work closely together to serve students. Collaborating offices include: the UAC, STAR Services, the Center for Career and Professional Development (located in the Galloway building), Financial Aid & Scholarships, and Academic Success Coaches in each College on campus.

Mailing Address:
Lamar University
Office of Retention and Student Success
P.O. Box 10079
Beaumont, Texas 77710