Important Class Information

How do I make an advising appointment?

Please check your Lamar University email for a message from your assigned academic advisor.  Using the provided appointment link, you are able to schedule your advising appointment.  For questions or assistance, please visit or call the Undergraduate Advising Center at (409) 880-8822.

How do I register for classes?

Students must apply and be admitted to Lamar University before registering for classes.  After meeting with an academic advisor, please register on-line by following the directions from the Registration homepage.  If you have any questions, please contact:

How do I find the classroom where my class is?

When you look on your schedule, the building and room number for each class is listed by the course.  Please also refer to the campus map for additional assistance.  An interactive map is also available!

Helpful tip: If a room number begins with a "2", it is very likely located on the second floor.

How do I pay for my classes?

Lamar University offers several payment methods for your tuition.  The three payment methods are:

  1. Online
  2. In Person
  3. By Mail

Learn more information. For questions, please visit or call the Cashier Office at (409) 880-8390.

Tutoring Information

How do I make a tutoring appointment?

To schedule your tutoring appointment, please submit the tutor request form or contact The LU Tutoring Center at (409) 880.7526.  The LU Tutoring Center also offers walk-in tutoring!

How do I find info on group tutoring sessions?

Contact The LU Tutoring Center at (409) 880-7526.

What is LU Success and how can I participate?

LU Success is a free academic success coaching service provided to Lamar University undergraduate students who want to strengthen strategies and techniques to learn and plan most effectively and succeed in college. 

LU Involvement

What are REDtalks and when can I attend?

REDtalks are free 45-minute presentations by LU faculty, staff, and students sharing expertise and advice to help students succeed at Lamar University. Our presenters empower students with the skills and knowledge to thrive while reaching their academic and professional goals.  Visit the REDtalks homepage for the workshop schedule and more information.

How can I get involved on campus? (coordinate the answer here with Student Engagement with appropriate links to their programs)

With more than 150 registered clubs and organizations at Lamar University, students can easily pursue almost any interest.

From the moment you begin your journey at LU, you’ll be able to participate in professional, academic, cultural, Greek life, political, recreational, and special interest groups. Bring your student experience to life by checking out all student organizations and clubs and getting involved!

For more information, visit the Student Clubs and Organizations and Student Life homepages. 

What student success data does LU track and how is it used?

We look at multiple indicators before a student attends Lamar University, such as high school performance, standardized test scores, and geographical location. Once on campus, we track real time data on students' participation in classes and support services utilized on campus. We use this information to streamline suggestions for best fit resources and support based on unique student's situations as early as possible.

What does LU do if I’m struggling in class?

Various resources on campus (such as The Tutoring Center, The Math Shop, The Writing Center) conduct outreach throughout the semester to students who have been identified as potentially struggling in their class by the professor to offer tutoring assistance where needed.  These services are included in Lamar University's student fees and are highly recommended.

Does LU have academic progress reports?

Yes, progress reports are sent to professors once-twice a semester to complete and check student's academic progress. Professors are also encouraged to issue early alerts on a student's academic progress for various offices on campus to intervene. Once an alert is issued, an appropriate support service will follow up with the student.

Does LU have specific support for writing and math?

Absolutely.  Please visit both The Math Shop and The Writing Center homepages for more information and how they can help!

General LU Information

What if I need help with paying for school or living expenses?

Lamar University offers a vast variety of resources to assist with this.  For more information, please visit the Financial Aid and Scholarships office, the Cashiering office for its various payment options.

I’m transferring into LU from a community college or other university. Who can help me?

Please visit the Transfer Student homepage for more information.