In Memoriam 2012-2013

Lamar University Retirees' Association Members


The Lamar University Retirees' Association would like to pay tribute to the colleagues who are no longer with us.

Name Date of Death
Oscar Kyle Baxley, Jr. 12/3/2012
Janice Elizabeth Conn Christopher 12/25/2012
Dennis Earl Crow 7/25/2013
Danny Paul Dennis 9/18/2012
Joye Maxine Wesson Hasson 11/8/2012
Meredith Katheryn Berryhill Fitzgerald 8/3/2013
Elizabeth Lloyd Grissom Hebert 7/31/2013
French Dolores Clearman Jones 4/19/2013
Charles Henry Lauffer 5/2/2013
Vernon Nathan Pike 2/20/2013
Catherine "Kitty" Sue Darbonne Sears 10/14/2012
John Mayo Wells, Jr. 4/24/2013
Virginia Gail Drake Wood 1/3/2013