Alumni and Donor Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us.

Lamar University maintains the highest level of respect for the privacy of its alumni and donors.  The following privacy policy describes Lamar University’s practices for the collection, use and protection of information pertaining to its alumni and donors.

Policy Regarding Use and Release of Alumni and Donor Information

Lamar University does not sell, rent, market or otherwise disclose alumni and donor information to any outside party or vendor for non-University purposes, unless required under the law.  Alumni and donor information is confidential and access to alumni and donor information is strictly limited to University Advancement staff members with a business need, and, as appropriate, with those in administration and academic units and programs who support development and alumni relations activities.  Alumni and Donor information has been entrusted to Lamar University for business purposes and all faculty and staff are bound by a professional code of ethics and will do their best to safeguard the privacy and security of this information.

Lamar University will share contact information with third-party vendors for the explicit and limited purpose of facilitating the University’s mission through development and engagement programs.  When such contact information is shared with the third-party vendor, the vendor will be required to sign a written non-disclosure agreement pledging that the information will be used only for its intended purpose; will be stored securely; and will not be reproduced, resold or provided to any other individual, entity or organization.

Persons with responsibility for maintaining records containing personal information will exercise due care to ensure accuracy and completeness.  Strict physical, electronic and procedural safeguards will be utilized to protect personal information against accidental or intentional misuse or improper disclosure within or outside of Lamar University.

Donor Recognition

Lamar University enjoys providing donors with recognition for their contributions through vehicles produced by the University, including print, spoken and/or web-based media.  Donors who wish to remain anonymous and for their names not to appear in these venues, may notify the Development Office by calling 409-880-8422 or 800-298-4839 or e-mailing

Removing Names from Lamar University’s Mailing List

Lamar University does not want to send unwanted correspondence such as mail or e-mail or telephone calls to its alumni and donors. Alumni and Donors may use this form anytime to manage e-mail communication preferences, e-mail or call 409-880-8921 or 800-298-4839 to request to be removed from the mailing list, placed on the do not call list, or to request erasure of certain personal data relating to them from the University Advancement databases.

Contacting Lamar University

Individuals who have comments or questions regarding Lamar University’s Alumni and Donor Privacy Policy, may contact the Development Office at 409-880-8419 or 800-298-4839 or e-mail