Taking the TSI Assessment

Doing your best on the TSI Assessment is extremely important because your scores will be used for course placement.

Rushing through the exam could result in you needlessly taking additional courses. 

Prepare for the TSI

Follow these steps to ensure that you are well prepared for the TSI Assessment and your first semester at Lamar University! 

Step 1 - Research

For detailed information about the exam and each of its sections, check out this student brochure.

Step 2 - Study

Take time to study and prepare for the exam.  See sample questions for each section of the TSI Assessment.  

Install the FREE application created by makers of the TSI Assessment to jump start studying!  You can install it on any mobile device or PC.

Step 3 - Engage

Before you take the TSI Assessment, you will complete a Pre-Assessment Activity entitled ENGAGE.  It is designed to help us better understand your learning your style, study habits, and goals so that we can suggest the best course of action to help you succeed at Lamar University.  You can find out more about the questionnaire with this student brochure

Register for Engage

Step 4 - Register to Take the TSI Assessment

Schedule your exam on the Lamar University campus in Beaumont, Texas.   

Register for the TSI

If you live outside of the area and would like to take the TSI Assessment at a local institution, schedule your appointment to test remotely.  

Step 5 - Interpret Your Scores

TSI Assessments completed after January 11, 2021. TSI Version 2.0 (TSI2)

The minimum passing score for each section: 

  • Math: 950; or a score below 950 and a Diagnostic level of 6.
  • English Language Arts (Reading and Writing): 945 with an essay score of at least 5; or a score below 945 and a Diagnostic level of 5 or 6 with an essay score of at least 5.

TSI Assessments completed before January 11, 2021.

The minimum passing score for each section: 

  • Math: 350
  • Reading: 351
  • Writing: There are 3 possible combinations that are deemed as passing for the writing section. 
    • At least 363 on the writing placement score and 4 on the WritePlacer (essay),
    • At least 350 on the writing placement score and a 5 on the WritePlacer (essay), or
    • Below a 350 on the writing placement score and a 5 on the essay and at least a 4 ABE Writing 

To find out more about your score report and how to read it, refer to this brochure for more information

If you did not pass one or more sections of the TSI Assessment, click here to find out more about College Readiness classes at Lamar University.  

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