Lamar University is now test-blind for scholarships!

A Lamar University Cheerleader cheering on a crowd through a large horn with the Lamar University logo on it

To our future Cardinals: 

Recently, LU announced standardized tests would no longer be required for freshman admission under our new test-optional admissions policy. The new admissions process allows students to receive an equitable opportunity to receive an admissions decision without needing to rely on standardized testing as part of the evaluation process. 

Beginning with students applying for the Fall of 2021, Lamar University will be adopting a “test-blind” policy in awarding scholarships to incoming freshmen, meaning standardized test scores will not be used in deciding if a student will receive merit-based scholarship award. Students applying for scholarships will be assessed primarily on academic accomplishment criteria including class rank and unweighted GPA.

The stresses of the past few months and that of a new school year should not be compounded by wondering what impact standardized testing will have on applying to college and certainly not on affordability.   

More details will be available in the coming days. Stay safe and healthy! 


- Lamar Univeristy Office of Admissions and Recruitment


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