Self-Reported Test Scores

Lamar University now allows students to self-report their SAT and ACT test scores for freshman admission consideration, making it easier for students to get an admissions decision! Please read the FAQs below. If you have any questions, please email us at

What is a self-reported test score?

A self-reported test score is a way for students to let our admissions office know when a test was taken, and what the scores on that test were. Scores are entered manually by the student without having to request scores officially from the College Board or ACT. 

Why is self-reported scoring now allowed for freshman admission at Lamar University?

The motto of our office is to “put students first”. We know that the college admissions process can be difficult and confusing. With all the steps in the process just to get to college, we asked ourselves if we can make it just a little bit easier. We decided that allowing students to submit their own testing information in a few easy steps, without having to officially request them, was worth the effort if it takes even a little bit of stress out of the process. 

Do I have to pay to submit my self-reported scores?

It is completely free to submit your self-reported scores to Lamar University. 

Can my counselor or parent report my score for me?

We love when counselors and family members are a part of the college search process; however, students should be responsible for filling out their own self-reported test score form and acknowledging the academic honesty statement.

What happens if I enter the wrong scores?

All students using the Self-Reported Test Score form must sign an academic honesty statement indicating that they are being truthful in the information they provide. Students submitting the Self-Reported Test Score form with incorrect information are at risk of having any offers of admission or scholarship at Lamar University rescinded for academic dishonesty. If incorrect information is submitted on the Self-Reported Test Score form, please submit an updated self-reported test score form as soon as possible with the correct information. 

Will I need to submit my official score at any point?

Only if you ultimately choose to attend Lamar University. Incoming freshmen who submit a self-reported score must send an official score prior to attending freshman orientation and getting registered for classes. 

Why do I need to submit my official scores before I enroll?

SAT/ACT scores can impact which classes you take your first year on campus, so it helps verify that we have you advised into the right courses. Also, it allows us to double-check that you’ve been properly assessed for scholarship consideration.

What if I already submitted my official scores from the College Board or ACT?

Don’t worry. If you sent us official test scores, we’re happy to use those at the outset to help make an admissions decision for you. If you decide to test again, feel free to self-report your new scores.

Will I receive a confirmation that you received my scores?

Yes. Upon filling out the form, you will receive a confirmation email stating that we have received your scores.

Can I submit multiple scores?

Absolutely. The Self-Reported Test Score form will allow you submit up to four SAT/ACT test results at a time. If you took five or more standardized tests, or decide to test again later, just fill out another form. 

When is the last day I can submit my self-reported test scores?

Students wanting to take advantage of self-reported test scores for admissions consideration for the Fall of 2020, can do so up to March 1, 2020. After that, we will only take official scores from the College Board or ACT for admissions decisions.