Credit Evaluation

WebTreQer: A New Transfer Credit Evaluation Tool

Prospective Lamar University transfer students now can check their transfer course credits and college credit examination scores using WebTreQer, a free online tool. Quickly see how your previous classes and test scores will count towards a degree at Lamar University.

Visit LU WebTreQer and follow these steps:

  • Choose an intended degree, major and the academic term you would enter Lamar University.
  • Choose the school from which you are transferring. Enter the grade, credits and term for each course taken. OR
  • Choose the college credit examination you completed and enter your score.
  • You'll receive an unofficial academic degree audit that lists the courses remaining to complete your degree at Lamar University.

Need help?

For questions about courses that might not appear in the WebTreQer tool, contact the Transcript Evaluator at

Go to WebTreQer Transfer Credit Tool now.

Enter your transfer course credits and/or college credit examination scores and quickly see how they will count towards a degree at Lamar University.