Housing Accommodations

Residence Life Accommodations

Cardinal Village Quad

Welcome to Lamar University and living on campus.  The Accessibility Resource Center and Residence life will work together to provide students with disabilities a great accessible experience living on campus.  Below are some things you will need to do for us to make sure your accommodation requests are received.

After your request is completed:

  • The ARC director will review the request and send approved accommodations to Residence Life
  • Residence life director will work with you to set up accommodations

Accommodations for Residence life are:

Accommodation request are evaluated on a case by case basis and if there any additional concerns please feel free to contact the Accessibility Resource Center or Residence life to make sure your experiencing living on campus is a great experience.

Additional Information about Residence Halls and other helpful information can be found at:

For detailed information about student housing accommodations click Resident Life