Alternative Testing

Depending on who you are, please follow these steps to request testing accommodations.



  • Be sure you have forwarded your Faculty Notification Letter (Accommodation Letter) via email to your instructors.
  • Discuss your testing accommodations with your instructors and make sure they know they need to complete the testing agreement in AIM (Accessible Information Management).  They can complete the testing agreement by clicking on the alternative testing agreement link in your emailed Faculty Notification Letter.
  • Check your student profile in AIM to verify your testing agreement was completed by your instructor. If the alternative testing agreement is not submitted by your instructor, you will not be able to schedule your exams for the semester.  Your agreement is good for the entire semester.
  • Once the agreement is completed you may request to schedule your exam in AIM by selecting “my accommodations” then “alternative testing” and complete/submit your exam request.
  • You will receive an email with an approval once your exam is scheduled.
  • Be sure to schedule your exams in a timely manner.  Late exam requests are approved on an individual basis and may result in you not being able to test at the ARC.
  • Exams must be scheduled:
2 full business days prior to regular exam dates
5 full business days prior to exam date for long semester finals (Fall/Spring) NO EXCEPTIONS
3 full business days prior to exam date for summer finals NO EXCEPTIONS
2 full business days prior to exam sate for mini finals NO EXCEPTIONS



  • Student should forward/email an electronic copy of their Faculty Notification Letter to you and discuss their testing needs with you.
  • If a student will be testing with the ARC, you will need to click on the alternative testing link in the student’s Faculty Notification Letter to complete and submit the alternative testing agreement form.  This form will let the ARC know the length of time the rest of the class will receive for the exam, what items or resources are allowed/not allowed, delivery method and other vital information the ARC will need to proctor the student’s exam.
  • It is important that you use the alternative exam link in each students Faculty Notification Letter as the link is specific to that course section only.  You also have the option to copy the testing agreement for all other registered ARC students in that course and section.  
  • If the testing agreement is not completed the student is not able to schedule their exam with the ARC and the instructor is responsible for providing the testing accommodations.
  • Students are able to schedule exams for a class once the agreement is completed.  Instructors will receive a notification email that an exam has been scheduled. This email will also include a link to have the exam uploaded through AIM. 



  • Monitor agreements and exam requests
  • Approve exam requests
  • Receive uploaded exams
  • Proctor exams
  • Return exams per faculty’s preference