Master's Degree in Family and Consumer Sciences

Department of Nutrition, Hospitality and Human Services

Degree Description

The Lamar University Master of Science Degree in Family & Consumer Sciences allows you to choose courses in foods and nutrition, family studies and other areas within the field. You can take workshops and travel/study tours, and we offer both daytime and online classes. 

Why Study Family and Consumer Sciences at Lamar?

Graduates of the Master of Science Degree in Family & Consumer Sciences at Lamar University enjoy the same wide variety of job titles and responsibilities as undergraduates, but the opportunities are more robust, given that you are more highly competitive for many positions that prefer or require the master's degree.
Watch the faculty interview to learn more about this program and the Department of Nutrition, Hospitality & Human Services (NHHS).

Career Paths

This degree program is designed to provide advanced specialized leadership in various professions and to further professional competencies for students in dietetics, extension, business, industry and education. This 30- or 36-credit hour program can be completed in a thesis or non-thesis option. You might choose the thesis option if you are preparing to continue on to postgraduate study and academia or research. The non-thesis option might work better for you as an applied program for career placement into a number of fields, including education, consulting, management and service.


Primary Careers

Community/Human Services Specialist, Caseworker Supervisor, Manager

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