Master's Degree in Experiential Business and Entrepreneurship

Lamar University M.B.A.

Degree Description

The Lamar University M.B.A. Degree with a concentration in Experiential Business and Entrepreneurship contains curriculum designed to take you through the process from idea generation to business concept to sustainable value. You will learn how to perform an opportunity analysis and develop a business plan in order to launch a new venture. This degree prepares you through hands-on application of practical business skills to use in the workforce.

Why Study Experiential Business and Entrepreneurship at Lamar?

The M.B.A. Degree with a concentration in Experiential Business and Entrepreneurship at Lamar University includes opportunities to collaborate with nationally and internationally successful business innovators at our incubator in the Center for Innovation, Commercialization and Entrepreneurship, working with the Small Business Development Center, funded internships, innovative hands-on courses, competitions and intensive foci designed for you who are interested in topics such as venture capital, start-ups and health care-related ventures. 

An important opportunity within this concentration is a yearly conference, Ignite. If you apply and are chosen to attend this all-expense paid, four-day conference in Silicon Valley, you'll take professional visits to world renowned companies and hear from venture capitalists to gain entrepreneurial insight. Previous company tours have been to Facebook, Dropbox, Tesla Motors, Square, Nest, Google, HP and others.

Watch the faculty interview to learn more about Lamar University's M.B.A. program.

Career Paths

Career options resulting from this unique and creative M.B.A. are as limitless as the combination of your ideas and acumen. Experiential learning can better prepare you for the career of your dreams and cultivate the entrepreneurial skills you need for any job. According to Dan Lauer, "...[E]xperiential learning can generate many insights and a deeper understanding that propels you into an entrepreneurial mindset—an important mindset to have, even if you don’t want to start your own business. It can hold the key to the innovative ideas, both large and small, that distinguish your career from others."

Primary Careers

Business owner, Analyst, Consultant

Meet the Faculty

Faculty Member NameDr. Larry Allen
Department Chair
Economics and Finance
Faculty Member NameDr. Kakoli Bandyopadhyay
Department Chair
Information Systems
Faculty Member NameDr. Gisele Moss
Department Chair
Faculty Member NameDr. K.C. Sen
Department Chair
Management and Marketing