Bachelor's Degree in General Business – Business Education

Department of General Business

Degree Description

The Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in General Business at Lamar University offers a concentration in Business Education leading to a variety of careers. Business education majors most often become educators, but they may also land in careers as real estate agents, insurance agents and human resources specialists.

Why Study Business Education at Lamar?

The Lamar University Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in General Business with a concentration in Business Education is an interdisciplinary program between the College of Business and the Department of Professional Pedagogy.
This program is designed for you to pursue a career in secondary education and are interested in majoring in business but are undecided about an area of specialization. Although the most common path for business education majors upon graduation is secondary education, a general business degree with a business education focus allows for a solid foundation in business topics. 
Watch the interview with Dr. Swerdlow to learn more about this concentration and the General Business degree program.

Career Paths

As a business teacher with a background in both business and in education, you'll typically work with high school students and postsecondary adult students, commonly in career and technical education programs. You'll transfer your skills and knowledge to your students, giving them all the tools they need to become quality business professionals. You'll also act as coach and mentor, training them to solve problems, plan futures, strategize and transform possibilities into reality.

Primary Careers

Business teacher, Coach

Meet the Faculty

Faculty Member NameMarleen Swerdlow, Ph.D.
Department Chair, Professor
General Business, Law
Faculty Member NameJ.Y. Choi, Ph.D.
Faculty Member NameVivek Natarajan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Marketing and Management
Faculty Member NameFrank Cavaliere, Ph.D.
Business Law