Bachelor's Degree in Modern Languages: French

Department of English and Modern Languages

Degree Description

The Lamar University Bachelor of Arts Degree in Modern Languages with a French concentration will equip you to deal with the professional demands of many jobs, as you will become a good communicator, trained to think analytically and interact effectively with people.
Mastery of a second language is useful in almost any career and may provide a career in itself. In addition, such knowledge aids understanding of and participation in world events because it accompanies an immersion in the cultural and historical background of that nation's people.


Why Study French at Lamar?

The French concentration at Lamar University provides a unique cultural and academic examination of French language, literary studies, and social culture. It could lead you out to any number of careers in the humanities, business, marketing, education and government work. To help with these occupational goals, our department tries to provide paid training for students in areas that they might use for further employment. Our Texas teacher certification program is available in coordination with the Department of Teacher Education.
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Career Paths

You may be interested in studying French in college because you have an interest or passion for the French language and for Francophone culture. However, you may not be aware of the job options that await you after graduation in business, communications, education, hospitality or government.

Primary Careers

Educator, Business Administrator, International Entrepreneur

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