Bachelor's Degree in Communication - Film and Theatre Studies

Department of Communication

Degree Description

The Lamar University Bachelor of Science Degree in Communication - Film and Theatre Studies Concentration allows you to work both as an artist and as a scholar at all levels: to read, think and write, but also to create, to act and direct, and to shoot and edit films.
This program is perfect if you want a career in acting, playwriting, theatre design or directing, screenwriting, interactive media, and web media. You'll take courses in digital editing as well as fundamentals of stage directing, film production, and voice and diction. You'll graduate equally prepared to enter the workforce as a communication specialist or to continue your studies as a graduate student.

Why Film and Theatre Studies at Lamar?

The Bachelor of Science in Communication - Film and Theatre Studies at Lamar University gives you a co-curricular experience in the College of Fine Arts and Communication, one in which you and your colleagues work with both Communication faculty and Theatre and Dance faculty to develop your knowledge and skills.
Our approach to the study of theatre and film is interactive and interdisciplinary, incorporating literary, historical, aesthetic, philosophical, psychoanalytic and socio-political discourses through experience and intellectual inquiry. Watch the faculty interview featuring Dr. Tyndall and students to learn more about the communication degree program.

Career Paths

The film and theatre studies concentration for the Lamar University Bachelor of Science in Communication may allow you to hone your performance technique or to become a master of stagecraft, but you won't graduate with only a finely-tuned technical skills. You'll also develop analytical skills, communication skills, research skills and highly developed creativity, independence, leadership and collaborative ability, all of which translate to your choice of careers in sectors ranging from the performing arts to corporate consulting. You may want a graduate degree to reach positions of higher responsibility and creative freedom.

Primary Careers

Actor, Cinematographer, Screenwriter, Production Assistant, Copywriter

Meet the Faculty

Dr. Natalie Tindall, Chair
Associate Professor

Strategic Communication, Public Relations
Dr. Raymond Rui
Assistant Professor

Social Media, Interpersonal, OrgComm
Dr. Nicki Michalski
Associate Professor

Rhetoric, Argumentation, Critical Thinking
Dr. Mahmoud Salimi
Assistant Professor

Film and Video Production